Aromatic Solvent C9

Aromatic Solvent C9                                              
                CAS Registry Number : 64742-95-6

C9 solvent  is a narrow boiling range, medium evaporating solvent widely used in the painting industry, where high solvency is required.

Property Unit Method Value
Density @15°C kg/l ASTM D4056 0.876
Color Saybolt ASTM D156 +30
Distillation, IBP °C ASTM D86 157
Distillation, 10%v °C ASTM D86 160
Distillation, 50%v °C ASTM D86 162
Distillation, 95%v °C ASTM D86 169
Distillation, DP °C ASTM D86 172
Paraffins % m/m GC <1
Naphthenes % m/m GC <1
Aromatics % m/m GC 99
Flash Point °C IP 170 43
Electrical Conductivity @23°C pS/m ASTM D2624 400



Aromatics are used in a variety of applications such as paint, coatings, pesticides and herbicides.



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