LOW AROMATIC SPIRIT                                            

CAS Registry Number 64742-82-1

White spirits are petroleum fractions that boil between 150-220C. They can have aromatics contents between 0-100%, and Shell lists eight grades with aromatics contents below 50%, and six grades with aromatics contents above 50%. The two common "white spirits" are defined by British Standard 245, which states Type A should have aromatics content of less that 25% v/v and Type B should have an aromatics content of 25-50% v/v. The most common " white spirit" is type A, and it typically has an aromatics content of 20%, boils between 150-200C, and has an aniline point of 58C, and is sometimes known as Low Aromatic White Spirits. The next most common is Mineral Turpentine (aka High Aromatic White Spirits ), which typically has an aromatics content of 50%, boils between 150-200C and has an aniline point of 25C. For safety reasons, most White Spirits have Flash Points above ambient, and usually above 35C. Note that "white gas" is not white spirits, but is a volatile gasoline fraction that has a flash point below 0C, which is also known by several other names. Do not confuse the two when purchasing fuel for camping stoves and lamps, ensure you purchase the correct fuel.




Low Aromatic White Spirit is used in the paint manufacturing and rubber industries and in surface coatings, household products, pesticide and wood treatment formulations, printing inks for paper and textiles, and adhesives. It is also used in textile dry cleaning and metal degreasing.





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